Hou Qing


Artist Biography

Hou Qing (b. 1969, China) is a celebrated Chinese contemporary artist who is based in Beijing.

Hou Qing paints realistic portraits of models that emphasize on their femininity. His works focus on the changing face of women in China, from traditionally opera-dressed women to modern Chinese women dressed in western clothing. He also started painting images of the lotus and bamboo since 1994. This series closely relates to his childhood in an oriental and typical ancient Chinese setting.

Hou’s influence comes from the “85 New Wave (1985-89)” where China offered opportunities to learn and imitate Western modern art. He has held exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Taiwan over the years.

For more information about Hou Qing, kindly email info@artworks.com.sg or call (65) 6557 2250 to speak with an art consultant.

Artist Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Hou Qing : The Peony Pavilion, MAD Museum of Art & Design, Singapore
​2013 The Peony Pavilion— Houqing Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Houqing Art Exhibition”, Art Futures Group, Hong Kong,China
2011 Beauty – Houqing’s Work, Fang Gallery, Jakarta,Indonesia
2010 Beauty – Houqing’s Work, Jasmine Fine Art, Singapore
Post-Easel Painting Houqing’s New Oil Works,
Beijing Times Art Museum, China
Post-Easel Painting Houqing’s New Oil Works, Shanghai
Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
2009 Pipa Ji—Solo Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2007 Flowing Touch – Solo Exhibition, Yan Gallery, Beijing
2006 Solo Exhibition, Mon Décor Gallery, Indonesia
2004 Solo exhibition, Yan Gallery, Beijing, China
2002 Solo Oil Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition, Riga, Latvia

Group Exhibitions

2012 Pulse Manifestation – First Qinhuangdao Document Exhibition, China
Freehand Brushwork – A Fine Collection of Chinese Opera Figure
Painting, Zhu Qi Zhan Art Museum,Shanghai
2010 678 Contemporary Art Exhibition, 9 Art Space, Beijing
2008 City Syndrome, Duolun Museum of Modern art,Shanghai
Hot City, Top Red Art, Beijing, China
Oriental Flavor, Paris Art Commune, Huizhou, China
Multi-touch, Lemon Gallery, Shenzhen, China
2007 Charming can’t be hidden away, Jasmine Fine Arts, Singapore
2006 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Red T Gallery, Beijing, China
Beijing East Zone Art Center Present Their First Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing
2005 Vision Express – 2005 Shanghai Youth Biennial, LiuHaiSu Art Museum, Shanghai
Extraordinary Men—Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yan Gallery, Beijing
2003 China New Art Exhibition, Hangzhou Art Museum, China
1998 China Nude Oil Painting Exhibition, Yu Fang Gallery, Taiwan
1996 Teachers from China Academy Exhibition, Yu Fang Gallery, Taiwan
International Art Exposition on Painting & Calligraphy, Beijing
1995 Small Size Oil Painting Exhibition, Yu Fang Gallery, Taiwan

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