Liao Zhenwu


Artist Biography

The economy in Sichuan China seems to be backward, and time seems to pass slowly when compared with advanced technology and modernization in the open coastal cities. Nevertheless, it is possible for people to sense and taste the minute changes in the whole process of economic development.

Liao’s artistic views has transformed as his life and work are now based in such a large metropolis as Beijing. He becomes interested in the window models which can be seen everywhere along the streets of large cities. Walter Benjamin’s description of the streets and shop windows of western cities as well as the loafers or vagrants wandering around the cities at night is, to a great extent, applicable to today’s urban scenes in China.

The models in the shop windows symbolize the commercial society and also represent the indifference of the consumption society. People are so attached to the idolized representations to the extent that they sometimes abandon their true identities.

Liao attaches importance to representation of the interactive relations among a group of models. The characters in his works are sculpture-like, with no efforts made to represent the expressions. The intent of the artist is to show how the materialized world can lead a person’s true nature to be compromised when faced with materialized desires.

The works of Liao Zhenwu are critical of the cultures and customs of the consumptive society.


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Artist Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Adventure Night: Art Appreciation of Liao Zhenwu’s Art Works

2015 Images of Life-Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Xuyuan Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2011 Eastern Towns and Western Cities Liao Zhenwu Watercolour Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2011 House 365 Grand Hills, Liao Zhenwu: Private Exhibition, Beijing China

2011 Big Lake Liao Zhenwu Solo Exhibition, Dahu Villa, Beijing, China

2010 Liao Zhenwu: MONUMENT, Today Art Museum, Beijing. Also Traveling to Sichuan

2010 University Museum, Chengdu; Shanghai Duolin Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai;

2010 Hua Museum of Art, shenzhen, China

2010 Making of a MONUMENT, Museum of china Culturl Arts, Beijing, China

2007 Times Tag – Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Gefeng Art Organization, Shenzhen,

2007 Times Tag – Liao Zhenwu Works Exhibition, Visual Arts Center, Beijing, China

2007 Water Affection – Liao ZhenwuWorks Exhibition, Beijing, China

2002 Years Trace – Liao ZhenwuWorks Exhibition, Sichuan, China

1992 Liao Zhenwu Watercolor Exhibition, Sichuan, China

Group Exhibitions

2015 Extraordinary Colors A Contemporary Chinese Watercolor Art Invitational Exhibition, Beijing, China

2015 Seek the Evolution of Black and White – the Academic Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Yagong Art Center, Emei, China

2015 The Fine Art Biennial of Leshan Emei , China

2014 The Feeling of Pain- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

2014 Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing, China

2014 Verve of Sichua Sino-foreign of Exchanges Cultural Exhibition, Sichuan, China

2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Art Futures Group, Hongkong

2013 Slow Art 2013 Kuart Documents Show, Beijing, China

2013 Chinese Contemporary Artists Invitation Exhibition of Rome Culture, Rome, Italy

2012 The Body & Beyond Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, The Rouse Company Foundation Gallery ,U.S.A.

2011 Percorso Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition . Sicily, Italy

2010 Percorso Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition .Spoleto, Italy

2010 Research representational painting, Beijing China

2009 Contemporary Art Union Academic Invitational Exhibition, Leshan Art Museum, Sichuan, China

2010 Spring Showcase Galerie du Monde Ltd. ,Hong Kong

2009 Contemporary Art Union Academic Invitation Exhibition, Leshan Art Museum, China

2009 Evolution of Art History: New Cultural Art, Qianwei Cultural Centre, Sichuan, China

2009 In Order to Ferget the Memory – The Power of Sichuan, Museum of Central Academy

2009 of Fine Art, Beijng, China

2008 Under The Radar, Artspace/Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

2008 outhwest Power Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yuangong Art Museum, Shanghai;

2008 traveled to Sichuan Art Museum, Chengdu, China

2008 The Woods of Lust, Gefeng Contemporary Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China

2008 The Third Asian International Art Exhibition, AsiaWorld–‐Expo, Hong Kong, China

2008 China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gefeng Contemporary Art Gallery, Shenzhen,

2008 China Power/mould, Bridge Art Center, Beijing, China

2007 Sino–‐Japan Modern Art Exhibition, Japan

2007 The 2nd National Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2007 Reopen Suojiacun –‐ International Art Camp Exhibition, Beijing, China

2007 Opening Exhibition of Jiuchang Art Camp, Beijing, China

2006 The 19th National NewWorks Exhibition, Lanzhou, Beijing

2005 The 7th NationalWatercolor and Gouache Exhibition, Zhengzhou, China

2005 Sichuan Watercolor and Gouache Exhibition, Chengdu, China

2005 Sichuan Seven Artists Watercolor Academic Exhibition, Chengdu, China

2004 The 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition, Guangdong, China

2004 The 2nd NanjingWatercolor Biennial Exhibition, Nanjing, China

2004 Sichuan Fine Arts Exhibition, Chengdu, China

2003 The 1st National Small–‐sizeWatercolor Exhibition, Fuzhou, China

2003 Sichuan Watercolor Invitational Exhibition, Chengdu, China

2002 60th Anniversary National Fine Arts Exhibition in Memory of Mao’s Talks
2002 Yan’an Forum, Chengdu, China

2000 Sichuan Watercolor Exhibition, Chengdu, China

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