Liu Baomin


Artist Biography

Liu Baomin (b. 1968, Xian) is a Chinese contemporary artist and member of the Shaanxi Oil Painting Artists Association.

Liu Baomin’s works focuses on the tension between reality and illusion, as seen in his “Extreme Illusion” series. The rippled effects of his hyper-realistic painting mimic an image seen through wet glass, creating a different perspective. He views current society as a world based on consumerism where people place value on objects, goods and even relationships between each other. This consumerist lens refers to the wet glass between his viewers and his subject matter, a distorted and skewed reality.

Liu Baomin has participated in selected group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in China, HK, Belgium and France.

For more information about Liu Baomin, kindly email or call (65) 6557 2250 to speak with an art consultant.

Artist Exhibitions

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