Liu Liguo


Artist Biography

Chinese contemporary artist Liu Liguo graduated from the Fine Arts department of Beijing’s National Theatre Institute.

Liu is one of the most established Chinese Contemporary artists in the art market today, significant to shaping the iconic ‘Gaudy Art’ style. He has participated in over 50 international exhibitions since 1986. In 2012, Beijing 798 showcased Liu’s highly regarded solo exhibition ‘Trafficking Imagination’ featuring his acclaimed series of works. He is greatly recognized as a record-breaking investment and collectible artist. His works are collected by contemporary art museums, investment banks, luxury organizations and private collectors worldwide.

His works is a combination of elements from modern Chinese religion to folklore and consumerism. Whether it is a vase or a painting, everything is full of sensuality and abundance. On a formal level, Liu has sought an avant-garde variation on Chinese traditional arts.


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Artist Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

Liu Liguo Solo Exhibition, Art Futures Group, 2012
Trafficking Imagination, Yang Gallery, Beijing

2008 Liu Liguo Solo Exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art

Group Exhibitions

Harper’s Bazaar, Beijing
3.15 Exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art HK, Hong Kong
Art HK, Hong Kong
Chinese Voice Chinese Stories: Echoes of Change Gallery Profile Osage, Lyon, France

The Power of the Universe, Beijing
China Now: Lost in Transition, USA
The Contemporary Road of Media and Tradition, Asia Art Center, Beijing
The Escape: The Rescue of the Language of Tradition and Revolution Asia Art Center
Basel International Art Fair, Switzerland
Brussels International Art Fair, Belgium
Liberate “Concerning the Transformation of Cultural Language”, Beijing
Yellow Brick Road “Post-modernist Story of Transformation, Contemporary Art Exhibition”
Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing

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