Artwork by Mark Hanham

  • MH_2014_035_100x161
  • MH_Boat Quay_150x120
  • MH_Old Boat Quay_215x185
  • MH_SingaporeBlue_106x197


Mark Hanham was born in 1978, Sydney, Australia. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree at National Art School, then completed a Master’s Degree in Art at the College of Fine Arts.

Hanham has painted daily since 14 and is well considered a successful commercial artist. His works are Contemporary Figurative in style. With his large scale and brashly painted works, he takes his viewers to his world of cityscapes.

Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s action painting, his works are marked with energised splats and movement. Hanham depicts iconic urban cityscapes such as Paris, Sydney, Singapore, Venice, New York, London and Tokyo.

Hanham’s boldly expressive style appeals to his clients including Russell Crowe, Lionel Richie, Walker Corporation, Lisa McGuigan and international private collections.

For more information on Mark Hanham, kindly email or call (65) 6557 2250 to speak with an art consultant.

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