Qiu Shengxian


Artist Biography

Qiu Shengxian (b. 1955, Jiangxi) is a Chinese contemporary artist who now resides and works in Shanghai.

Qiu’s works are his expression of Chinese classic art with contemporary fashion. “Mother and Son” is a concept he derived from growing up in an era of famine during the Cultural Revolution where there was social unrest and limited resources. Qiu’s mother was a hardworking traditional Chinese housewife whose primary concern was for the family. His father was the sole breadwinner who earned a meager salary as a general service hotel staff.

Qiu’s works emphasizes on the value of love in humanity as we progress in society with technological advances, significantly unconditional maternal love. His works combine Eastern and Western elements, suggesting the look, attitude and role of a modern woman, modeled after his wife.

Qiu’s works are well-collected by corporations and art organizations internationally. This includes Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Philips, French Art Academy, H&M, IBM Corporation, the White House of The United States and politicians including President Obama and former Prime Minister Schroder.

For more information about Qiu Shengxian, kindly email info@artworks.com.sg or call (65) 6557 2250 to speak with an art consultant.

Artist Exhibitions

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