Xie Yongsheng


Artist Biography

“Keep your childlike innocence and inspiration will inadvertently find you.”

Unlike many contemporary artists, Xie Yongsheng’s Tai Chi-inspired characters creates a world of harmony and balance.

His fashionable stylized series of works range from theatrical to famous icons and modern portraits. He paints terracotta soldiers, opera singers, political leaders, and figures filled with inner peace. Most of the characters in his works are created in a relaxed and humorous artistic language with the relics of Chinese ancient rhyme. If you look closely, you will also find hidden Tai Chi symbols in their eyes. The black and white colors signify mutual dependence of all things in nature.

Tracing back to the roots of Tai Chi is the artist’s love of martial arts from childhood, the elegance of dancing like a crane. “The ultimate effort is to be fluid and effortless like water.”

Tai Chi is Xie’s way of life and inspiration for art.

As a professional artist and disciple of the Chen Style Tai Chi Wangjia Boxing, Xie now lives in Songzhuang, Beijing.


Solo Exhibition

2012 Taiji Vision’s solo exhibition of contemporary art works (Beijing)


Group Exhibition

2018 ‘My Art History’ Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Beijing)

2018 Xiahua Cloud Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Xiamen)

2018 “Growth” Songzhuang Excellent Artist Invitational Exhibition (Beijing)

2018 Taipei New Art Fair 2018 (Taiwan)

2018 Art Ark Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2017 China’s first Star Rui artist works invitation exhibition (Shenzhen)

2017 Xuzhou Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Xuzhou)

2017 Summer·Thinking-Songzhuang Contemporary Art Literature Museum Exhibition (Beijing)

2017 Macao Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Macau)

2017 New Taipei Art Fair (Taiwan)

2016 Songzhuang Contemporary Art Literature Museum Special Exhibition (Beijing)

2016 ‘Return’ Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (Beijing)

2016 Commemoration of the Songzhuang Art Museum Ten Years Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2016 London Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (UK)

2015 ‘Colorful’ American Contemporary Art Exhibition (USA)

2015 ART China Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2014 Plasticity in 2014. The First China Sculptor Invitational Exhibition (Beijing)

2014 Taipei New Art Expo 2014 (Taiwan)

2013 China Songzhuang Artists Cluster 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition and Collection (Beijing)

2013 Experience of the Soviet Area in 2013–Jiangsu Contemporary Artists Exhibition in Beijing (Beijing)

2012 Gold Medal at the 2012 World Chinese Hong Kong Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)

2012 Today Imagery – Contemporary Oil Painting Artists Exhibition (Nanjing)


2011 Yaji Songzhuang Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2010 Silver Award of the 2010 World Chinese Hong Kong Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)

2010 Dameisha Coastline Contemporary Art Exhibition (Shenzhen)

2010 The 2nd China Occasional Art Festival 2010 (Beijing)

2010 Xuzhou Oil Painting Furniture Club Annual Exhibition (Xuzhou)

2009 Shanghai International Art Fair (Shanghai)

2009, “Everyone Plays Together” 100 Artists Derivative Works Exhibition (Beijing)

2009 State of 2009–Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing)

2008 “July Fire” Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing)

2006 Busan International Art Festival Art Exhibition (Korea)

1997 Xuzhou “Five Oil Paintings” Exhibition (Xuzhou)

1996 Jiangsu First Youth Art Exhibition (Nanjing)

1990 The first China Coal Ministry Art Festival Exhibition in 1990 (Beijing)

Artist Exhibitions

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