Yin Jun


Artist Biography

“Born in the Chinese province of Sichuan, Yin Jun (Chinese, b.1974) received his first art lessons from his older brother. Accordingly, his work often depicts family units or siblings. After just four years of painting, Yin began showing his work internationally. His work has been exhibited at the 12th Beijing International Art Exposition, Art Amsterdam 2007, and Spoon Art Fair 2012. He is represented by Willem Kerseboom Gallery in Amsterdam, and Wellington Gallery in Hong Kong.” – artnet

“Through his personal and unique style, Yin Jun powerfully expresses the emotions of the increasingly demanding and materialistic society of which we are all a part. The oppressed and weak cry and shout through captivating childish faces, letting others know about their dreams, frustrations and hopes as they release their inner feelings. At first, onlookers cannot help but smile as they look at the comical, yet satirical caricatures, but soon the realization of their deeper meaning becomes apparent. Tears fly through the air and stream from the eyes; mouths open wide in different expressions, powerfully conveying the painter’s inner voice.” – China Avant Garde

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Artist Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong Grand Hyatt, HK
2008 Weeping Force, Eight GALLERY, Beijing, China

Seoul, Korea Solo Exhibition, Korea
Solo Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Solo Exhibition, Taiwan

2006 Alternative Artists, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions

2016 Asia Contemporary Art Show HK 2016, HK

Affordable Art Fair HK 2015, HK
Asia Contemporary Art Show HK 2015, HK

Hotel Art Fair, HK
Splendid Ethics 2·Self-generation, Seoul, Korea

Eight Gallery Shanghai Museum Opening Exhibition, Shanghai
Eight Gallery Exhibition, Shanghai

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