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Qiu Shengxian

Qiu Shengxian is an internationally recognised Contemporary Chinese Artist who is known for his provocative art style that celebrates confidence and sexuality. His global appreciation is flattering, but what makes Qiu Shengxian so intriguing is how much he is loved in the booming Shanghai art scene and the in-vogue crowd.

Shi Lifeng

Shi Lifeng is a well-known contemporary Chinese artists and is most renowned for his political “Red Man” collection which symbolises the struggles of men to hang on whilst China’s rapid economic boom occurred around them. His works are celebrated for their representation of Chinese society and the role of the individual as part of a […]

Zou Cao

Marilyn Monroe Icon - Zou Cao

Chinese artist Zou Cao is a painter and installation artist known for his thought-provoking exploration of themes such as identity and individuality. One of Zou Cao’s most notable series is his fingerprint paintings, in which he uses fingerprints as a visual element to explore themes of surveillance and control in contemporary society. Through the use […]

The Connor Brothers

Tell Me Beautiful Untrue Things - The Connor Brothers - 2021

Their invented backstory as twins raised in an American cult who used art to connect with a world they had been sheltered from, was used to hide their personal struggles. Revealed to be Mike Snelle & James Golding from London, The Connor Brothers have a garnered a lot of attention in the Contemporary art world […]

Ma Dongmin

Ma Dongmin is a leading Chinese contemporary artist whose popularity extends beyond China and into Western art markets. His signature horse artworks have been used in major advertising campaigns by global brands such as Audi and are collected by renowned investors such a the Rockefeller Family. Ma’s artworks, “Benedict XVI” and “Blue Horse”, won the […]

Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley - Pleasure - Energy Series - 2022

British artist, Lincoln Townley, has built a reputation over the last decade a prominent commentator on the dark side of human nature, most notably fame, greed and the obsession with celebrity. His work has been exhibited globally in London, New York and Los Angeles and were part of The Venice Biennale 2022 (La Biennale d’Arte […]