Aurora Santika

Aurora Santika, (b. 1996) is an Indonesian female artist whose works often talk of concerns around the interpersonal conflicts in humans (mainly in relation to people’s dispositions in the societies) as well as the psychological battles between a person and his/herself. Her works are often divided into several series, each with its own period and themes, with a narrative-symbolic visual style that is influenced by various books, musics, and movies that either portray a fantasy world or explore the psychological conflicts in human beings. Born and raised in a family of businesspeople and academicians, Aurora was touted to be an oddball in the family for choosing a career in art.

She studied Fine Arts in Yogyakarta Institute of the Arts from 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2018.

Now, she actively creates art and participates in various national and international events, including her solo exhibition “Breaking Through” in 2017, the collaboration with Disney Indonesia in “Saints, Evil, and In Between : A Special Art and Fashion Collaboration Inspired by Disney’s ‘Maleficent : Mistress of Evil’” in 2019, and several exhibitions organised by Kohesi-Initiatives. Aurora is also a member of Tulang Rusuk community and has been participating in events organised by the community.