Dimitri Zoellin


Dimitri Zoellin is a self-taught French-Tahitian artist. As a passionate surfer since the age of 10, he started circling the globe in a search of perfect waves and meaningful adventures that also led him to become a professional skipper. From crossing through the Pacific and Indian oceans, cruised the Caribbean for his passion for travel, and discovering remote places, and meeting new people. In the ’90s, Zoellin rode as a pioneer of the world-famous wave Teahupoo, Tahiti, which he called home for almost 30 years, and was notoriously known as a prominent surfer and enthusiast painter.

Originally inspired by the aboriginal Australian culture, he learned to paint in many different counties. After years of practice, he developed his own style constantly experimenting with color, texture, and shape. Still feeling like a child at heart, he easy plays with colors, shapes and structures, creating unique and one-of-a-kind works of art. Working with mixed media, acrylic and collages, his paintings are full of colors, emotions and happiness. He prefers medium and large works of art, but also have series made on small canvases and paper.

Dimitri’s work defines the idea of raw art. His work bounces from animals to abstract, from oceanscapes to robots and beyond. Full of color and a rhythmic pulse these paintings are alive. Alive and also reborn into some truer depth. Zoellin’s outsider art turns his subjects into their primal selves. It is as beautiful as it is direct from the source. It is art, and it is raw. Zoellin includes writing, scribbles, simple shapes, and a wide array of textures to create pieces that stand as major statements. Each coursing with rivers of emotion.



2020  L.E.Store Gallery, St-Petersburg, Russia

2019   Blueseed restaurant & Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

2018   Show-room le 13, Annecy le Bulloz, France

2016   Les Frères Ibarboure Hotel, Bidart, France

2015   Lauderdale Marine Center, Florida, United States

2015  Nuovo Claude de Boysson, Bordeaux, France