Duilio de Gennaro

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I have three teachers: Picasso, Modigliani and Bacon. All of them have influenced my work. I believe in the past of painting and I learn from that past. If the painter approaches painting as something never previously explored, the result would be no more than a mere form of decoration. I seek to capture with art the frozen moment of men struggling with their desires, with their loneliness, with their beauty. I force the painting to speak forcefully (strong line and color) of the character I portray. I try to do the latter by keeping communication with ancestral European painting open, while still producing something that appears to the viewer as entirely new.



1989-91   Group show, School of Fine Arts of Rome

1990   Solo show, Caffe Greco, Rome

1992-93   Solo show, Nikko Hotel Polanco, México DF

1995-96   Group show, L’Oreal Painting Awards, Madrid

1996   Solo show, Black Heart Space, Madrid

1997   Group show, Cultural Institute of Naples

1998   Solo show, Coins Coffee Store, London

1998   Group show, Circulo Bellas Artes, Madrid

1998   Hispanic American Museum, Miami, Florida

1999   Bal Harbor Gallery, Bal Harbor, Florida

2000   Solo show, The Factory of Babel, Madrid

2000   Solo show, Martin Cantero Gallery, Marbella

2000   Solo show, Wynn Bone Gallery, Saint Agustine, Florida

2001    Solo show, Espacio Diedro, Madrid

2009   Group show, IV Salón de Verano, Galería Mali Villas Boas, Sao Paulo, Brasil

2010    Solo show, Work ceded to the city and exhibited for life in public space, Havana, Cuba

2013    Solo show, PSM Headquarters, Madrid, Spain

2014    Solo show, Work donated to the Pablo Iglesias Foundation, Madrid, Spain

2015    Solo show, Talent Place Space, Madrid, Spain

2016    Solo show, National Museum of Art of Belarus, Minsk

2016    Solo show, Work acquired by the National Museum of Art of Belarus, Minsk

2017-18   Solo show, De Vladivostok a Lisboa. Exposición patrocinada por la Unesco, representando a España

2020    Current project, individual exhibition at the Jorge Luis Borges Cultural Center of «Study of 13 masterpieces», Buenos Aires.