Federico Tomasi

Federico Luciano Tomasi (b. 1974), is a Stockholm-born artist based in Bali, Indonesia. His family moved to Italy when he was 13, where he attended the International School of Art in Riccione, Italy.  After art school, although painting was his passion, he did not entertain the idea of being an artist. Instead he delved into the fashion industry in Milano and worked in haute couture with the house of Lorenzo Riva.

His father was living in Singapore at the time, he moved there as fashion stylist and started up his own business, managing shoots for Marie Clare and other top clientele. Thereafter, he started to visit Bali every month and was inspired by the simplicity of Balinese living and the rich lives they lead, despite having little which prompted him to look inwards.

This was the springboard for the start of his painting career – he went back to Singapore and made paintings and did murals, and was eventually asked to show my works at the opening of a restaurant where the Italian Ambassador and many other dignitaries were present and his works were sold out at the event. Since then, his works have risen in value.

Federico Tomasi uses reality as a reference point to express human feelings and emotions in this complicated world.