Giovanna Aryafara

Bali-based photographer Giovanna Aryafara started her life-long passion for Photography 40 years ago in Sydney, Australia, continued in New Zealand as a school Photographer for several years.

Over the years, she has exhibited her works in Australia, Bali, Brazil, and Thailand.

She has exhibited at the Africa Photo Festival 2018 in New York and at the Atlas of Humanity in Paris and Italy in 2019.

Giovanna travels to India and Ethiopia yearly, both for her business and Photography. As a photographer, Giovanna Aryafara travels the world in search of subjects that awaken our emotions, invoke a sense of shared spirituality, and reveal our world through a minimalist, design-inspired lens. Her works offer access to the beauty of our Earth, inspired by her love of sharing the diversity of human experience. Giovanna is dedicated to the promotion of awareness of these stories and supports human rights organizations around the world, such as Survival International, that help create a more just environment for all.