Giselle Fenig

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Giselle Fenig (b. 1969) then relocated to Mexico where she grew up and attended art lessons that got to improve throughout the years. For the past 15 years, Fenig has been active in art painting and workshops that involve different techniques to cultivate her own style. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Mexico and  Miami aside from auctions and her solo exhibitions. Her paintings derive by driven process through act of painting over scrapping back and drawing into, that my work is resolved.

My paintings are an extension of me, my energy, and my inner state. They are very colorful and with many marks, it is not a quiet painting, rather there is chaos. I like the figurative abstraction and transmit the beauty of the imperfection, to be surprised at the accidents that happen in the process. I paint in an expressive and gestural way capturing the force and energy. Creating a visceral experience through the use of mark-making and the application of paint. Hallmarks of process-driven and it is only through the act of painting over, scraping back, and drawing into, that my work is resolved.



2018   Let’s Face, It Boque Real – Mexico City, Mexico

2017   Reinventando / Galeria Espacio y Lugar – Mexico City, Mexico

2014   Trazos / Fundacion Sebastian – CDMX, Mexico

2014   Dejando Huellas / Museo Soumaya CDMX, Mexico

2014   Soy / Frac. Fuentes de las Lomas – Mexico City
2020   BADA Mexico / Campo Marte, Mexico, Mexico
2017   Neighborhood Scenes / Paramount Bay, Miami, Estados Unidos

2016   Wynwood Juries Show Curator’s Voice Project Gallery Wynwood, Miami, Estados Unidos

2016   We / Galeria Duo, Miami, Estados Unidos



2018   Master Residency. Atlantic Center For the Arts – New Smyrna, Estados Unidos

2017   Oleo – Mexico City, Mexico

2017   Language of nonobjective Composition – Maine, Thomaston, Estados Unidos