Glibiciuc Valeria

Glibiciuc Valeria was born in Baimaclia commune, Cantemir district, Republic of Moldova, in 2002. She lives and works in Moldova, Chișinău. The love for art he obtained as a child, growing up in a family of artists, this passion developed once he started attending the Art School “Valeriu Hanganu”. The next step in his artistic training was to continue his studies.  to head  “Alexandru Plămădeală” from Chisinau, specializing in painting.  This environment gave her a new diversity of knowledge and ideas that helped her develop her own creative identity.

During her studies, Glibiciuc Valeria participated in national and international competitions such as “Jan Matejko” and awarded in the exhibition-contest “New Creative Youth”. After several years dedicated to the creative process, Glibiciuc Valeria exhibited her works in the group exhibition, entitled “Communications”, being opened on March 9, 2021, at the Artcor art center.  Her paintings have reached private collections in many countries around the world.

In terms of portraits and human figures, she represents man in the most complex position, different than in reality, all emotions and states hidden or mimicked.  It examines human individuality, the external and internal forces that affect us, the moments of passion and contemplation, it is a broad spectrum that represents our uniqueness.  Abstraction is her freedom, she dedicates her entire personality to create a new world with new contemporary approaches.



 2021   Group exhibition with the title “Liman”, Artcor center ,  Chișinău.

 2021   Group exhibition entitled “Communications”, Artcor center Chișinău.

 2021   Diploma of merit in the Art Contest “New Creative Youth”

 2020   Exhibition-contest “Jan Matejko”, Chișinău

 2020   Mention in the Art Contest “New Creative Youth”

 2019   Exhibition-contest “Jan Matejko” Chișinău 2018- Awarded with the third place Art Exhibition “Holocaust” C.A.P “Alexandru Plămădeală”



 2017   Awarded first place in the contest “Migration through the eyes of children” Chișinău

 2017   Awarded with the first place in the Republican contest “Ecoart”, Chișinău

 2015   Awarded first place in the international competition “River of Friendship”, Chișinău