Igor Dobrowolski

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Born in Jelenia Góra, Poland, Dobrowolski has long drawn from the aesthetics of his childhood hometown for inspiration.  Delicately shaded large-scale paintings in monochrome hues are often layered with overlapping body parts or dream-like imagery. Inspired by Dalí and Escher as a child, Dobrowolski spent hours indoors sketching; drawing from his family’s collection of art books which had a profound influence on his practice.

“At that time, I was reading about what was going on in the world and I was struck by the trauma, the pain, the suffering – I wanted to do something. It was my way of expressing myself and I felt it in my heart. I was just painting and sleeping. Painting and sleeping. Trying to make a difference.”

Dobrowolski has been concerned about social issues and humanitarianism for a long time. His creative forms include oil painting, photography, and mixed media creation. Motivated by the desire to convey true stories, Dobrowolski launched a series of street art campaigns in different countries, using his art to juxtapose Western consumerism with human suffering. Intent to arouse people’s attention to social issues. In 2017, the artist created on billboards, which combining photographic artworks evoked the detrimental impact of fast fashion, try to guide the audience to reflect on, value, reduce harm and help who or which directly and indirectly affect under the world of the prosperous. In 2017, Igor Berlin hosted another “Christmas in Yemen” event, through the combination of contrasting the world, to show the long neglected reality. “I just want to give a voice to the voiceless. Because for many, the world is a merciless thing.”



2021    Oliver Cole, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Miami 

2020    Gin Huang, Art Formosa Fair, Taiwan

2020    Gin Huang, Re-Love, Taiwan

2020    Maddox Gallery London Atum Contemporary

2020    Maddox Gallery London Summer Contemporary

2020    PlanX, Milan, Days of the future present

2019    Art Miami Fair, Miami

2019    Maddox Gallery, London, Love, and other crimes – Mayfair

2018    Maddox Gallery, London, Summer Contemporary – Shepherd Market

2018    Maddox Gallery, London, Summer Contemporary – Westbourne Grove

2018    Maddox Gallery, London, Spring Contemporary

2017    Solo Show Berlin – Igor Dobrowolski

2017    Solo Show Wrocaw – Igor Dobrowolski

2017    Art Fair, Rzeszow – Art United Fair

2016    Solo Show, Warsaw – “Why Do You Exist”