John Paul Fauves

In his homeland, Costa Rica, John Paul Fauves amplifies his techniques in contemporary art for 15 years at a very young age mentored by many of the finest Costa Rican modern art tutors. A few years back, he started showcasing his work and quickly gained recognition through many shows at prominent art galleries and museums and has obtained fans by his works that were sold on many auctions with one of them, Heritage Auction in Dallas.

John Paul is eclectic expression rooting in his belief that the soul is something that is limitless which allows him to bring different elements into his work. In his painting, the modern world—particularly social media—and history where questions around identity keep on emerging are colliding.




2019   Art Palm Beach, Miami

2019   Alts iz Farloyn, HOMME Gallery, Los Angeles

2019   We Are All Encaged, SCOPE Art Show, New York

2018   December   Art Plug Power, Miami Art Week, Miami


2021   Juxtaposition, NTF artwork sold for ± 40.000 USD, Plan X Gallery, Milan

2021   The Road Ahead, Guy Hepner Gallery & The Tax Collection, New York

2018   July   MI / ME, Dopeness Art Lab, Taiwan

2017   A Loss of Innocence, Guy Hepner, New York

2017   A Loss of Innocence, Meir Art Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium