Kevin Von Holtermann

Kevin Von Holtermann (“Kev Von Holt”) is a creative through and through. At the beginning of his career, he spent 17 years working as a hairstylist in Philadelphia and making music. His first foray into painting was when he found 200 tubes of discarded acrylic paint and 4 canvases of badly painted fruit that were left behind during someone’s move-out. He brought them back to his studio apartment and locked himself away to experiment with the visions in his mind and has never looked back since.

Kev Von Holt has versatility in the use of his tools – he utilizes anything from paint brushes to fingers, palette knives, strips of cardboard or any materials he can experiment with to complement his artistic expression. The themes of his works are guided by his feelings and emotions, he paints intuitively and exploratively. Having had ADHD since he was a child, Kev Von Holt uses it to fuel his creativity, he revels in the organized chaos that ensues when he creates.

 “Art is where the “outside” world never gets in, when I am creating I am free.”