Koh Sang Woo

Koh Sang Woo (b.1978) is unafraid to subvert norms through his art. The subjects in Koh’s photographs that are meticulously chosen based on their personal stories are painted on and the shots are color reversed to give a vibrant, electric quality clad in blue tones – this has become a hallmark of his works. Koh’s works are not purely visual, they are an experience; most have theatrical attributes, with the dialogue between the camera (and Koh) and the subject captured in still shots. His artistic storytelling uses abstract representations of identifiable subjects as a vehicle to give structure to social commentary. The form is recognizable, but his flair and deliberate choice of colors, decorations and words bring depth to his works. Through allowing us to see the world in reverse as he does, Koh’s beckons us to question the way in which we look at others and understand ourselves.

A New York City-based artist born in Seoul, South Korea, Koh was listed as one of the 100 most important Korean contemporary artists in 2013 and has participated in various international fairs such as Armory Show, Armory Photography, Art Basel HongKong and Art Miami. His works are part of various international collections including National Museum of Contemporary Art and Savina Museum in Korea.