L. Fauzi

A self-taught artist from a small town in East Java, Fauzi illustrates the vulnerability of human life through his portrayal of delicate everyday objects which seeks to recontextualize the ordinary into the profound. He creates surreal shapes and shapes surreal stories born out of his balanced mind and refined talent. Fauzi’s lines are gentle and steady, his shades of grey blend seamlessly to create a strange and calming coolness. The surreal paintings of L. Fauzi invite voyeurs into the bizarre world of his childhood as it was informed by his complex relationship with his father.

Fauzi conveys complex issues in politics, economy and philosophy that have been filtered through a deeply personal lens that transpires an elegance in the life lessons he learns and embodies. A traditionalist in art and in life, Fauzi does not engage in social media or the internet, and chooses to instead shape his worldview through more intimate channels of information such as direct observations as well as news reports from television and newspapers.