Liao Zhenwu

Born in Sichuan Province, China, Liao Zhenwu (b. 1964) studied in the Arts Department of Sichuan Education Institute and the Oil Painting Department of CAFA. Zhenwu currently lives and works in Beijing, China. 

His early works could be divided into two types: one was to represent the teahouses and things happening there in the small town of Sichuan and the other was to describe the motorcycles running here, there and everywhere. His early works showed his inclination to tell stories and construct plots, but his recent works show his exploration of formal languages in patterns and his style also changes from the previous impressive and vivid representation to less intensive description which serves as the basis for the format of lump structure. 

Liao Zhenwu uses a cool palette of black, white and grey instead of reproducing the world with various colours, which, to some extent, shows that the artist tries to convey his ideas about the intrinsic characteristics of the world. That is to say, under the surface of leisure or hubbubs, the world seems to be a place of apathy and changes which people cannot know or control. For the majority of Chinese people, control of their fate is a topic which seems to be too unrealistic for them to ponder upon due to the current economic and educational reality. They have no way but to choose such a kind of life.