Marcos Anziani

Marcos Anziani (b. 1984) is a young artist of The Dominican Republic, lives and works in Connecticut USA Anziani works in the style of lyrical abstraction with elements of expressionism. His artistic dialect is close to that of such artists as Willem de Kooning, Joan Miro and Jean Michel Basquiat. In each of paintings, Marcos aims to ‘curb’ the energy of color within the framework of a canvas. He combines abstract forms with primitivist images of people and objects done in simple lines.

Various, mostly warm, colors balance the artistic chaos of forms in Marcos’ paintings. His compositions remind us of Kandinsky’s abstractions. Marcos is actively evolving as an artist and seeks for an art that would continue the ways of the great artists of the XXth century. Anziani understands painting as a means of expressing his emotions and thoughts. While working, He builds the composition from the inside, fully giving himself to it, and that produces actually sincere ‘portraits’ of the inner feelings of the artist, prints of the fly of his imagination. 



2020   On the Way Home, Askeri gallery, Moscow, Russia (solo)

2020   Cosmos Cow Art Fair, Askeri gallery, Moscow, Russia (group)

2019   NY State of Mind, Usagi, New York (group)

2018   True Independence, Lucille Kornak Gallery, New York (group)

2017   Dotted Colors, Blank Canvas Gallery, Miami (group-independent)

2016   Art Basel Miami, Miami (group-independent)