Mate Levay

Self-taught artist Mate Levay was born in 1981 in Budapest. He is now living and working in Zürich, Switzerland. From a very young age found art fascinating and had a love for pop art and surrealism. Inspired by the likes of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon , Roy Lichtenstein, and many other groundbreaking artists, his art emulates their overall vision of life by bringing colour, presentation, and a bit of whimsy to his works.

Travelled internationally for many years around the World due to his work, while he was able to collect memories and inputs for his artworks.

Taking inspiration from everyday life and even a simple thing can capture his attention and give a feeling in a particular moment. It is these moments that appear, subtlety or obviously, in his works. Always with a creative eye, he loves to turn simple things into something much greater using his imagination and a commitment to making beautiful things.

He continually strives to bring joy and inspiration into any space, making it modern with his collage of geometric shapes, compelling graphics and vivid colours.