Yoon Giwon

Korean artist Yoon Giwon (b.1974) has been doing painting since a young age and relentlessly nourishing this long-time dream after he graduated from Hongik University in Seoul majoring with major in Fine Art, by formed a group of a young artist and worked with various exhibitions. He then now claiming various people that he met in his life are the source of inspiration for his painting.

“I wanted to make a connection with people by painting a picture.”

Like his words, what Yoon wants to expose is a relation with one who has influenced him. In other words, to Yoon, the process of creating artwork is like a process of reviewing the relationship between himself and another person through the act of painting, and he clearly shows his attitude of gratitude for precious people around and the relationship.

Yoon’s work expresses the artist’s unique personality with a greatly enlarged face, a flat expression, a sharp outline reminiscent of a line of comics, and a primary color that is not well utilized in a typical figure painting. The face that fills the canvas, the boundaries drawn by the lines, and the planar colors make the object simple, and allow the viewers to focus on the character itself.



2020      ‘Friends-a portrait of a painter’ (Hoo museum, Womju), ‘Friends-a portrait of a painter’ (Artbite gallery, Seoul)

2019       ‘Friends-Wonju’ (Hoo museum, Womju), ‘Friends’ (Asan Hoseo University, Asan)

2016        Friends-Self Camera season 3 (Gallery JJ, Seoul), ‘Actors’ (Hoo museum, Womju)

2014       ‘Swimming’ (Wonju Culture Foundation Art Studio, Wonju)

2013      ‘Father’ (505 Gallery, Wonju), Friends-she’s(Seo Jeongwook Gallery, Seoul), ‘People’ (505 Gallery, Wonju)

2012      Friends-Self Camera season 2(GAMO Gallery, Seoul), Friends-Self Camera season 1(Galerie Bhak, Seoul), ‘An art museum on a bus’ (Dong-A Transport, Seoul)

2010     The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs-Friends season 5 (Gallery Royal, Seoul)

2009     Norim-Friends season 4 (MANO Gallery, Seoul), Friends in Beijing (Artside Beijing, Beijing)

2008     Friends season3 (Gallery I-Sang, Seoul), Showwindow (Artside Gallery, Seoul)

2007     Friends season2 (MANO Gallery, Seoul)

2006     Friends (LOVELOST, Seoul)

2005     Hero Story 3 (GreemZip, Seoul)



2017     HPAC Artist-in-Residency (Hooyong Performing Arts Centre, Wonju)


2019     Motel Art Fair (SIDE, Seoul)
2018     Art Gwangju 18 (KDJ Convention Center, Gwangju), Motel Art Fair (W motel, Seoul), Hooyong Art Fair (Hoo museum, Wonju)
2017     Motel Art Fair (W motel, Seoul)
2016     The 16th Korea International Art Fair, Gallery JJ (COEX, Seoul), Hooyong Art Fair (Hoo museum, Wonju)
2015     LA ART SHOW 2015 (LA Convention Center, LA)
2014     The 13th Korea International Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (COEX, Seoul), Seoul Open Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (COEX, Seoul)
2012     The 12th Korean Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul), China International Gallery Exposition, Galerie Bhak (China World Trade Centre, Beijing), Hotel Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong)
2011     Seoul Open Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (COEX, Seoul), Seoul Art Festival, Galerie Bhak (Ritz Carlton Hotel, Seoul), Hotel Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (Grand Hyatt Hotel, Seoul), The 10th Korea International Art Fair, Galerie Bhak (COEX, Seoul), The 11th Korean Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
2009     The 8th Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)
2008     The 7th Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul), The 8th Korea Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)
2007     The 6th Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)
2006     The 5th Korea International Art Fair (COEX, Seoul), Korea Galleries Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)


2020     ‘Golden Triangle’ (Artertain, Seoul), ‘Super Collection’ (Superior Gallery, Seoul), ‘SUPER FLAT’ (Polestar art Gallery, Seoul), ‘3040 BIG PICTURE’ (Artspace Hoseo, Seoul)

2019     ‘Different person-Mob Scene’ (Palais De Seoul, Seoul), ‘The People:modern reflection’ (Humax Art Room, Bundang), ‘Early Flowers’ (Dorothy Salon, Seoul)

2015     ‘People and Love-Relationship’ (Palais De Seoul, Seoul), ‘Cherry blossoms’ (UM Gallery, Seoul)

2014     ‘Spring Trio’ (Gallery Namchon,Gwangju)

2013     The face (Superior Gallery, Seoul)

2011     ‘Hot Place‘ (Interalia, Seoul), ‘The Face‘ (63 Sky Art, Seoul), ‘Spring Story‘ (Galerie Bhak, Seoul)

2010     ‘Star in My Heart‘ (Galleria Center City, Cheonan), ‘Hi! Hero‘ (Bupyeong Arts Center, Bupyeong), Trend of Korea modern art III-Pop Art (Gimhae Arts Center, Gimhae), ‘Spring, Sight’ (Priors Gallery, Seoul)

2009     The Face (Art Space SPOON, Seoul), Happily together (Gallery K, Seoul), Happy! Happy! Happy! (Art Space SPOON, Seoul), Opening Exhibition (Art Space SPOON, Seoul)

2008     KAMI’s Choice: The Soul of Contemporary Art (Insa Art Center, Seoul), Wonder Brand (Gana Forum Space, Seoul), ‘On the face’ (Gallery I-sang, Seoul)

2007     Studio_UNIT ‘open studio 2007’ (Art space H.U.T, Seoul)

2006     My Funny Valentine (velvet Gallery, Seoul), To The Future (MANO Gallery, Seoul), Studio_UNIT ‘open studio 2006’ (Art space H.U.T, Seoul), Nuance of T (Art space H.U.T, Seoul)

2005     Love and Separation (Munhwa Ilbo Gallery, Seoul), Loaded gun (Gallery the Space, Seoul), Cheerful imagination happy factory (Sori cultural center, Cheonjoo)

2004     Visible World, Invisible World (Changdong art studio, Seoul), Story of Mr. K (Jung Gallery, Seoul), Opening exhibition (Kot Gallery, Seoul)

2002     Korea/Japan exchange exhibition (Hongik Hyundae art center, Seoul)



National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Galerie Bhak, MANO Gallery, Gallery Royal, Artside Gallery, 505 Gallery