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Art Works holds events such as in-house seminars, private exhibitions and sponsorships on a regular basis. Check out exciting gallery news about artworks, events and market updates that we constantly keep track of.

Public Art You Can Find In Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city recognized for its lush greenery, clean streets, award-winning airport and shopping malls. Besides these better known descriptors, have you noticed public art that bring this beautiful city to life? According to Culture Trip, there is a wide array of popular art ... Read more →

How to Appreciate Contemporary Art

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anaïs Nin, French author Be it classical or contemporary art, it is often quickly agreed that our idea of beauty is subjective and ever-changing with time. As individuals, we are moulded by personal taste, experience and feelings. ... Read more →

How to Care for Your Art Collection

Art is something that should be taken care of, not just due to the monetary value it may hold, but also to keep it intact and to retain original beauty for generations to come. As with any capital asset within your investment portfolio, be it property, security or currency, these require ... Read more →

Investing in Corporate Art Collections

Corporate art collections are made up of artworks purchased by organizations for a range of reasons such as establishing a brand’s identity and image, promoting creativity at work and supporting artists and cultural activities in its corporate social responsibility. When a corporate entity ... Read more →

Selecting Art for Your Work Space

When you are inspired with positivity, productivity happens no matter where you work or what you do. In this case, art can inspire you to create, empower others and perform your work with excellence. Works of art whether they be fine art, modern art, prints or even satire, offer you and your ... Read more →

Local Singaporean Artists You Should Know

Seasoned art collectors and enthusiasts like to travel around the globe, keeping an eye out for the next piece in their collection. Yet sometimes your search can begin in your own backyard. Singapore is well-recognized as a central hub for business, finance, food and culture in Asia, reaching out ... Read more →

Boosting Your Creativity with Fine Art

Art can elicit emotional responses from even the hardest people within our society. Be it creativity, idea generation, happiness, sadness, or power - fine art has the power to inspire and take people in its presence quite literally to the next level. Step into any top creative agencies, legal ... Read more →

Singapore As A Regional Arts Hub

Singapore has earned the reputation of being a major regional business hub. It is also established as a shopping and food paradise for those who enjoy travelling around South East Asia. Over the years, Singapore has also been developing its name as an arts hub. Since the 1980s, it has aimed to ... Read more →

The Value Of Limited-Edition Prints

As an art collector, have you considered acquiring limited-edition prints to your portfolio?  Here’s what you need to know when purchasing this exquisite form of art. Unlike mass-produced artworks, a limited-edition print has preserved value over time as supply is eventually discontinued. ... Read more →

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