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Art Works holds events such as in-house seminars, private exhibitions and sponsorships on a regular basis. Check out exciting gallery news about artworks, events and market updates that we constantly keep track of.

On How the Asian Art Market Is Growing

Art in Asia is growing at unprecedented levels. Sales in Asia constituted 23 per cent of all global art dealings in 2017, and China, whose market has been growing for years, continues to remain on top. With even the IMF recognising the potential in the region, it is hard for there not to be a buzz ... Read more →

The Global Art Market is On The Rebound

What Does This Mean for Art Investors? With many global equity markets bouncing all over the place with the rising cost of doing business, once unbreakable businesses are succumbing to ‘disruptors’ and consumer sentiment changes, coupled with growing geopolitical security and asset overvaluation in ... Read more →

The value and returns of fine art

The value and return of fine art in recent years have seen a dramatic rise of markets – such as China – as the increasing need for portfolio diversification take hold. With the Salvator Mundi’s sale in November 2017 at Christie’s for $450.3 million, purchased in 2013 for $127.5 million, there are ... Read more →

Current risks to the Global Art Market

Art is a sanctuary for many people, a place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It removes us from the technology and allows us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of something that taps into a range of emotions. Re-centralisation of masterpieces into private art collections With the ... Read more →

Where is the global art world headed?

Art has evolved from the caveman-style art created by primitive man, through to the digital light shows and virtual reality of today, but where is it headed as an ‘industry’? Like anything and everything in today’s world, technology is playing a large part in how the art world will evolve over ... Read more →

Fine art as an investment

Embrace the opportunity for 6% returns. For centuries art has been something that people have marvelled at, visited in galleries, but only viewed in the great homes around the world or a 5-star hotel lobby - typically fine art was something out of reach for many. Investment classes such as gold, ... Read more →

Five key benefits of art in the workplace

Art is an emotive experience for everyone. Art can be a powerful conveyor of your vision, values and profile to all those that set foot in your office. Fine art can be something captivating and of true beauty or it could convey power, strength and dominance – it all depends on your workplace, ... Read more →

office with large artwork on the wall

What does art say about your company and culture

We've all been into corporate offices or buildings and seen art on the walls, on tables or floors and immediately established a ‘feeling’ of what sort of organisation you are dealing with. From powerful pieces depicting a battle, war or conquest through to fun-loving art filling with colour and ... Read more →

three pieces of artwork on a wall with a table in the foreground

Disrupters to the Art World

Like almost every industry around the globe, art is susceptible to disruption. For some people, companies, markets and even industries, it has spelt the end, while for others the beginning of their success and integration. When it comes to art, there is a range of disruptors that have changed the ... Read more →

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