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The Value Of Limited-Edition Prints

As an art collector, have you considered acquiring limited-edition prints to your portfolio?  Here’s what you need to know when purchasing this exquisite form of art. Unlike mass-produced artworks, a limited-edition print has preserved value over time as supply is eventually discontinued. ... Read more →

The Exclusivity of Art Collecting

There has always been an air of exclusivity around art collection and the positioning of fine art in homes and businesses around the world. The art market for investment and collection is seeing a growing demand. This can start from just a few hundred or thousand dollars right through to ... Read more →

Asia – Art Market’s New Face

Art is in demand; with the global art market growing by 6 per cent in 2018 and total sales of $67.4 billion, it has reached the second-highest level in 10 years. Such high interest in works from new and emerging artists from the Asia Pacific region suggests that the market is seeing a dramatic ... Read more →

The Art Market in a Millennial Age

In 2018, the global art market sales reached an estimated $67.4 billion – an increase of 6% on 2017. Meanwhile, the online art market grew just 9.8% in 2018. Although this was a drop from 12% in 2017, it still amassed $4.46 billion for the year in revenue sales. This result bucked many global ... Read more →

5 must visit contemporary art galleries in Beijing

There are too many art galleries around the world that are considered a ‘must see’ for any art lover or enthusiast. However, in China, where the unprecedented rise of the middle and upper class has created a demand for traditional and contemporary art from domestic and international artists, here ... Read more →

How to invest in fine art

Investing in art has, in recent years, become a mainstream investment vehicle for many investors around the globe to diversify their portfolios, have something beautiful adoring their walls, while making a profit along the way. Last year, according to the 2019 Art Basel UBS Art Market report, the ... Read more →

Five Basic Art Terms You Should Know

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the world of art investment, like any asset class, there are some underlying terms, basic terms that every investor needs to know, regardless of whether you’re purchasing the painting to store in safekeeping or to adorn the walls of your home or office ... Read more →

5 Chinese contemporary artists you should know

As the rise of Chinese art continues and demand within the global art community shows no signs of slowing down, here are five Chinese contemporary artists that any art collector or investor should know.  With the trials and tribulations of freedom of expression, political ideology, communism, ... Read more →

Engaging with Art & Culture

Art has the ability to move people, to be felt, to stimulate both mental and physical responses often ‘transporting’ us to a different place and time. The response to a piece of artwork, song, poem or reading is something very personal, subjective and different for every one of us.  Artist Olafur ... Read more →

The Future of Art

For over 40,000 years art has been used to communicate and to capture moments in time. Art first appeared on rocks in caves then advanced to canvas whereby capturing some of the most recognisable works for centuries. This evolution has never been more prevalent than back in the early 1970’s when ... Read more →

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