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Tips For Buying Art For Your Home

It's holiday season as December is a wonderful time for gatherings and giving.   If you're thinking of buying art for your home or gifting to a loved one, here are four simple tips you may want to hold on to. Art has the ability to transform moods and provoke emotions. It can also change ... Read more →

Why Fine Art Can Beautify Your Portfolio

Often when we look at investment portfolios, we think broadly about the asset classes within it. These typically include property, stocks, bonds even currencies. However, with the increase in global geopolitical insecurity, fluctuating economies and skyrocketing country debt in many developed ... Read more →

Why Med Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

Art offers everyone from every walk of life an experience. An experience to learn, create, innovate, understand, observe and develop skills outside their expertise. For many – including people from world leaders such as Winston Churchill, George W Bush, through to innovators such as Johnny Depp, ... Read more →

Why Art Is Good for Business

Corporates around the globe are purchasing, leasing and displaying art around their boardrooms, hallways and meeting rooms, but not simply to ‘outdo or outshine one another’, or to make a statement about who they are or what they stand for. As many companies – especially those in the USA, after ... Read more →

On the Art Market 2018: Going Digital

In 2018 several major milestones of the art market calendar have already come and gone—including the London auctions and Art Basel in Hong Kong. It is also expected that online auctions market will be the area facing the fiercest competition (up significantly from 27% in 2017). There is a high ... Read more →

On How the Asian Art Market Is Growing

Art in Asia is growing at unprecedented levels. Sales in Asia constituted 23 per cent of all global art dealings in 2017, and China, whose market has been growing for years, continues to remain on top. With even the IMF recognising the potential in the region, it is hard for there not to be a buzz ... Read more →

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