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Why Invest In Fine Art?
Troy: Fine art is an effective capital growth vehicle or wealth preservation tool for our clients who are looking for a safe haven to park their money. It is known to withstand the short-term uncertainties of market fluctuations, while maximizing mid-to-long term gains.

How is the fine art market in Asia doing currently?
Sam: The visual arts scene is increasingly dynamic in Asia. With a growing number of art fairs, there is heightened market activity in the SEA region that attracts influential private art collectors, corporate buyers and investors. Although young as a nation, Singapore is opening up to other markets in SEA and fast-becoming a global art market player due to its global financial market.

How do you overcome the challenges you face in your trade?
Sam: The art world is fast-changing and business is highly competitive. We keep ourselves updated with current art news and art auction results, and build relationships with people who have reliable information about talented artists with good track records, as well as artists and people in the trade whom we work closely with. It is also in our philosophy to exercise excellence, integrity and discretion for the benefit of our clients.



What types of artwork does Art Index International carry?
Troy: We carry a diverse range of high-quality iconic artworks – from Australian indigenous pieces to Asian works and even Contemporary British Art. Some names include Jason Benjamin, Gloria Petyarre, Lincoln Townley, Liu Liguo and Ma Dong Min.

Why should investors build a fine art investment portfolio for with Art Index International?
Troy: We provide art market education and transparent advice that helps collectors and investors feel more confident when purchasing artworks that suit their personal preferences and taste. Fine art is an alternative asset with strong, continued growth that can serve as an attractive source of portfolio diversification, and Art Index International can propose low-risk fixed returns of up to 7% per annum for up to a minimum of 2 years.

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