Tips for buying art for your home or as a gift

As the festive season looms it’s important to remember that art is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Be it a gift for a loved one, a friend, family member, client or even yourself, art passively provides pleasurable moments not once, but as many times as you pass the wall on which it is adorned.

Art has the ability to transform moods, provoke emotions even change a person’s perspective in different ways at different times of the day, month or year and the most amazing thing is, art is static, it doesn’t change or get better with age like a fine wine – it simply is.

This giving season, why not think outside the square and give the gift of art. But where to start?

We’ve outlined our top four tips for buying art for your home or for a gift.

Choose art to suit your own taste – When it comes to selecting the right piece of artwork, in many instances, it is essential to realise that not all art is created equal. This is not only a reflection concerning the auction or list price, but moreover, the style & type of the art and how it matches the tastes of whoever will be receiving it.

Select art with investment potential – In addition to the personal taste, style and type of art you may select to gift, there is another important consideration – the investment potential. Artwork is wonderful to look at, calming and provides an outlet for many to escape – even momentarily – the busy lives we all lead, but it is an extremely profitable investment vehicle if chosen correctly.

Think about capital gains for your art – With global equity markets bouncing all over the place, real estate crashes appearing in once-stable markets and currency providing instability in a time of high geopolitical risk – such as trade wars & Brexit – asset classes such as works of art provide a secure investment that has long-term growth potential for you or whoever receives the gift.

Ask an expert art consultant – By working with an art expert within any budget, you can select a gift that not only adorns the walls and is admired every day, but also increases in value year by year becoming the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Whether you are looking to purchase art purely for the joy of looking at it, gifting it or investing for capital gains, speaking with experts in art buying, you can not only get access to global networks of art dealers and pieces from around the world, but you can review pieces from emerging artists that offer exceptional growth potential. 

They say when it comes to art, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – yet with art there is so much more than simply the way it looks on your wall. 

To discuss with an expert art consultant about gifting, purchasing, sourcing or investing in artworks that also can realise annual returns to owners through a corporate artwork lease program, speak to the team at Art Works today and give the gift that everyone wants to receive. 

Capitalise on the art market this Christmas and boost your portfolio through buy-to-lease investments in art today with Art Works Singapore.

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