The Art Works artistic portfolio consists of established, mid-career artists, as well as exciting emerging talent. Just as they are with our clients, our relationships with these artists are built on transparent work processes, unbiased advice and a supportive, ethical environment.

We partner directly with the artists and all have a proven track record in auction houses, delivering safe and reliable returns for investors.

Chinese Contemporary

China is consistently in the top three global contemporary art markets. As the wealth structure of that country shifts to the younger generations, interest has shifted from fine art to contemporary art. Chinese contemporary art sales represent a quarter of the global market and sales are pushing up prices in global contemporary art. Art Works has built up strong personal relationships with our represented artists, through years of working together, meeting with the artists in China and supporting with marketing and exhibitions.

2020.07 - 2018.08 (Sherman Ng)MDM_DoubleProgress_200x150

Ma Dong Min

2021.08-2018.09 (Neoh Sue Lynn) SL_PeachBlossomsViolet_100x100 copy

Shi Li Feng

International Contemporary

International contemporary artists are leading the way in personal public relations and marketing.
Through digital media, they are boosting their careers and the value of contemporary art in general, in ground-breaking new ways. International brands are also increasingly using street and urban art in marketing campaigns. This together with the rising trend of celebrity endorsements, shows an ever-increasing appreciation of the credibility of these artists and their work.

2022.06 - 2019.12 (Gaylene Marsden) LT_TheBankerNo1_90x70

Lincoln Townley


Danny Minnick

Australian Aboriginal

The Australian genesis of Art Works gives us unique expertise and access to some of the most prominent Australian aboriginal artists, and we have been trading indigenous art pieces since 2011. The growth of indigenous art into the US market is now seeing very high-value auction records being broken for Australian pieces,internationally.


Gloria Petyarre

(Artsy) JWN_IAG124_160x160

Judy Watson Napangardi